Gujarat Biodiversity Board

Biodiversity Management Committees (BMC)

Local bodies constitute Biodiversity Management Committee in accordance with Section 41, within their area of jurisdiction for the purpose of promoting conservation, sustainable use and documentation of biological diversity including preservation of habitats, conservation of land races, folk varieties and cultivars, domesticated stocks and breeds of animals and micro-organisms and chronicling of knowledge relating to biological diversity.

Members of BMC:
Biodiversity Management Committee is constituted in accordance with Biological Diversity Rule, 22(1) of the Act. It consists of a Chairperson and six persons nominated by the local body, of whom one third are women and not less than 18% are scheduled castes/scheduled tribes.

Functions of BMC:
Prepare, maintain and validate People's Biodiversity Register (PBR) in consultation with local people. The BMC is to maintain a Register giving information about the details of the avaibility and knowledge of local biological resources, their use or any traditional knowledge, access to biological and traditional knowledge granted, details of the collection of fee imposed and details of the benefits derived and the mode of their sharing.

Advice on any matter referred to it by the State Biodiversity Board or Authority for granting approval, to maintain data about the local vaids and practitioners using the biological resources.

Abstract of B.M.Cs. Constituted up to March, 2015
BMC Guideline